Australian Native Floral Bouquets and Styling

australian native bridesmaid bouquets

When planning your wedding in a stunning rural hinterland location, using Australian native flowers in your bouquets and styling is not only beautiful but very practical in our climate.

Are you pinning pictures of lush, dainty flowers lining your aisle in an outdoor ceremony location? Have you considered that they will likely be sitting in the full sun for at least a couple of hours and may be a withered and brown version of themselves by the time you skip down the aisle with your loved one? Bouquet and styling flowers get a real workout on your wedding day. Whether it’s the Australian sun, heat or breezes, wild bridal party antics, or uncoordinated groomsmen fumbling with buttonholes, you want to pick flowers that not only align with your colour palette and vision, but can work well in your event environment.

bride and groom native flowers bower estate

With bold colours, incredible structural form and stunning arrays, Australian Native flowers are a unique and beautiful addition to wedding styling. You will see some cross-over with South African native flowers in this list as many of their beautiful flowers have thrived in our local flower growing industry and are an aesthetic match to our beloved natives. 

Here are a few of our favourite native blooms to consider in your hinterland wedding bouquets and styling. 

1. Flannel Flower

These soft, velvety white blooms make a great addition to any bouquet and can be styled into country garden vibes right through to wild native bouquets.


flannel flower bouquet

2. Waratahs

A real king of the Australian native flower world. Growing in abundance in Western Australia, these flowers make an incredible statement as a feature in bouquets, arbours and larger floral installations. These are hard wearing and stunning flowers that send florists into a frenzy when they’re in season. Available in a range of colours from red, to pink and soft greeny whites.


waratah bouquet

3. Geraldton Wax

Available in pinks, whites, yellows and even purple, this flower is the toughest, most hardworking member of your floral team! Not only do these flowers have a nice structure for table arrangements and styling, but their hardy tolerance to wind, heat, fumbling fingers and rowdy guests is second to none. Think of these for buttonholes, flower crowns and.. Well.. everything.


australian native flower bouquet gold coast hinterland

4. Everlasting Daisy

We just adore these unique Australian flowers. When blooming in the wild, these are a hot favourite of our local bees. Much like their Geraldton Wax friends, these flowers are strong and sturdy in every condition. A great feature for tables and flower crowns, their detail is best enjoyed up close unless you want to clump them throughout your green styling pieces.

Paper daisy everlasting daisy

 This bridal bouquet beautifully incorporates a few soft white everlasting daisies with bright orange centres with cream proteas, nettle and eucalyptus.

everlasting daisy bouquet

5. Pincushions (Leucospermum)

A native of South Africa, these orange bursts are a must in any native style arrangement. Their blooms make great features for small and large vase arrangements alike and add a bit of wow to your bouquet.


pincushion flowers

These bright yellow pincushions are a perfect joyful combination with yellow wattle and soft white roses.

pincushion native flower bouquet

6. Banksias

Available in hues from red, through to orange and soft amber, the native Australian Banksia has a super interesting form and can be styled into natural muted tones, or bold bright bouquets. 'banksia' refers to a wide range of flowers in this family, so you can achieve interesting variance in colour, shape and form.

bridesmaid bouquet australian natives


7. Billy Buttons

Think yellow pom-poms on the end of long, thin sticks. These are a bright and fun addition to bouquets and work well in buttonholes too.

dried billy buttons


billy button bouquet

8. Proteas and King Proteas

Originally from South Africa, these flowers are a statement piece for any bouquet or wedding installation. They’re big, they’re beautiful and can often have the price to match! King Proteas are the larger of two with pointed out turned petals. 

king protea

This bridal bouquet seamlessly weaves deep red proteas with quicksand roses and soft green eucalyptus and succulent features.

protea bouquet


9. Leucadendrons

A staple of native floral arrangements, these are the bridesmaid flowers - there to support, but they don’t steal the show. In a soft muted yellow/white tone, they add great texture to bouquets and are a great additions to everything.


leucadendron australian native flower bouquet

Nailing a bold and rich red colour palette, this bridal bouquet is an absolute celebration of native flowers. Bringing together red banksias, proteas, gerladton wax, and a large feature leucadendron in a dazzling burgundy hue.

leucadendron bridal bouquet australian native

10. Wattle

With only a brief season, these are a stunning and distinctive flower. Some of our favourite large scale installations and table arrangements have gone to town with wattle. They’re prone to dropping yellow dust, so you have to really commit to these guys!


wattle australiabn native bouquet

11. Eucalyptus leaves

Available in a variety of shapes from ‘razor leaf’ to ‘silver dollar’ these form a fantastic base for florals and major arbour and reception installations. Often underestimated, we think eucalyptus stand on their own as a beautiful alternative to flowers as well as a support in bouquets.


The use of eucalyptus in these bouquets really adds volume and flair to the a beautiful blend of cream and burgundy.

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